The New Garrett Theatre was formed in January 1994 initially by three people. Additional people were brought in to help run the company more as a business than a society. Garrett Hall School in Tyldesley was its first home hence the name “New Garrett” and advertisements were placed in the local newspapers for members. A few people were approached directly and asked to help out in the first production and some still remain with the company today. Response to the advertisement was excellent and the company’s first production, “Half of Everything” was staged from the 10th to 13th August 1994. The show was a success and attracted more people to join.

In January 1995 the company performed its second production “Cinderella”. Again this was well received and the company moved on to its third production “The Good Old Days”. From nothing we had staged three Shows in fourteen months. All productions were self-funding and we started to invest in state of the art sound equipment, a project that is still ongoing today. Whilst working on the next production “A World of Music”, it became clear the company had outgrown the facilities at Garrett Hall School and so in 1995 an alternative venue, Formby Hall in Atherton, was sought. The theatre company continued to expand and in 1999 a democratic Committee was formed. 

Due to the closure of Formby Hall the Company were on the move once again and at the end of 2015 The New Garrett Theatre re-located to Atherton Community School which has proved to be a fantastic new venue.  The Company’s first production was performed there in January 2016, “Snow White and the Magnificent Seven Dwarfs” followed by “Jack The Ripper” in July 2016.”

The New Garrett Theatre is also available to book for clubs, pubs, private parties etc. The company chooses the music to suit the venue and customer needs. This has proved very popular with clients and audiences as we can offer something different from the normal run of the mill cabaret act.

The New Garrett Theatre is a friendly, welcoming theatre company and is always looking for new members on stage and behind the scenes. Even if you haven’t done anything like this before, don’t worry because you will receive a warm welcome and training for whatever role you wish to try.